Cognitive Abilities and Corresponding Subtests

LTMInformation Memory for Names Information
STMDigit Span, Coding Memory for Sentences Digit Symbol-Coding, Letter-Number Sequencing, Working Memory
PSCoding, Symbol Search, Processing Speed Visual Matching Symbol Search, Processing Speed
APDigit Span Incomplete Words Arithmetic, Digit Span
VPBlock Design, Object Assembly, Picture Arrangements, Picture Completion, Perceptual Organization Visual Closure Picture Completion, Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Picture Arrangement, Perceptual Organization
CKInformation, Comprehension, Vocabulary Picture Vocabulary Vocabulary, Arithmetic, Comprehension, Verbal Comprehension
FRBlock Design, Similarities Analysis-Synthesis Similarities, Arithmetic, Matrix Reasoning

Legend for Abilities:  LTM=Long-term Memory; STM=Short-term Memory; PS=Processing Speed; AP=Auditory Processing; VP=Visual Processing; CK=Comprehension-Knowledge; FR=Fluid Reasoning.

Academic Skills and Corresponding Subtests

RDBasic Reading Letter-Word Identification
RCReading Comprehension Passage Comprehension
MCNumerical Operations Calculation
MAMathematics Reasoning Applied Problems
WSSpelling Dictation
WE Written Expression, Composite Writing Writing Samples, Broad Written Language

Legend for Academic Skills:  RD=Reading Decoding; RC=Reading Comprehension; MC=Math Computation; MA=Math Application; WS=Writing Skills; WE=Written Expression.