A Diagnostic Expert System for Creating Individualized Accommodation Plans
Developed by Joe P. Sutton, Ph.D. · Programmed by James A. Knisely, Ph.D.

Individualized Accommodation Plan

Student: Smart, James R. Disability: LD Current Date: 4/9/2001
Birth Date: 9/21/87 Age: 13 years, 6 months Grade: 7th
School: Happy Middle School School Year: 00-01 Evaluation Date: 3/05/01
Examiner: Joseph P. Sutton, Ph.D. IQ Test: WISC-III ACH Test: WJR-ACH

James has cognitive and academic deficits (signified by bullets below) that adversely impact his educational performance. To ensure that James receives reasonable instructional accommodations as provided under IDEA '97 and/or Section 504, James's teachers will implement the following test-taking, assignment completion, and study/class preparation accommodations in all applicable classes and subjects. Implement the accommodations in the order indicated by their preceeding superscript numbers.



 Long-Term Memory
Short-Term Memory
 Processing Speed
Auditory Processing
Visual Processing
Fluid Reasoning


 Reading Decoding
 Reading Comprehension
Math Computation
Math Application
 Writing Skills
 Written Expression


1 Mark answers on test copy instead of answer sheet.
1 Basic calculator for math tests.
1 Test readers (to read/sign test items).
2 Amplified test directions (provided in written form).
2 Audiotaped test items for use with headphones.
2 Formula cards for math tests.
2 Limit of one major/unit test on a given class day.
3 Partial credit for problems on math tests.
3 Written quiz items in lieu of oral administration.

Assignment Completion:

2 Reduce number of homework problems (e.g., odd or even).
3 Strategy checklist for completing projects or math problems.

Study/Class Preparation:

1 Subject-area tutors.
1 Extra help from or special meetings with teachers.
2 Special seating arrangements in class.
2 Copies of overhead projector transparencies used in class.
2 Copies of teacher's lecture notes for study.
2 Convert lecture notes to audiotape for study.
3 Copies of lecture notes from a good note taker in class.
3 Audiotape class lectures.
3 Audiotapes of textbooks for reading and study.