How to Use the IAP Generator:

You will need the following information in order to operate the IAP Generator and prepare an accommodation plan for an individual student:

  • Indentifying information (birthdate, grade, etc.)
  • Intelligence/IQ test scores (scaled or standard scores)
  • Achievement test scores (standard scores)

Once you key in a studentís IQ and achievement test scores, the IAP Generator produces a tailor-made individualized accommodation plan on-screen, from which a hard copy can be printed within seconds! The beauty of this program is that it thinks for you. No more guess work when it comes to determining accommodations.

After the IAP has been completed, implement accommodations in recommended order, signified by superscript numbers. All accommodations labeled "1" should be implemented first, since they require little to no advanced preparation on the part of the teacher. Those labeled "2" are implemented next, followed by those marked "3."